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How to get endgame routine

With chess easily available on the internet any time of the day, I often find myself playing 5 minutes blitz chess whenever I get the chance. One of the challenges of blitz chess is of course that there is not much time to think about each move. Thus, if one's endgame skills are not fully up to speed, this will be revealed in a game of blitz. So how to get started learning those endgame techniques, I hear you ask. Well, you can always take the time to look for a good book about endgames on Amazon, but it may take months to read, if you want to really understand all the concepts presented to you. It's still a great way to learn, if you have the time on your hands. Some of the better titles I can recommend are Pandolfini's Endgame Course (Bruce Pandolfini) and Understanding Chess Endgames (John Nunn). If you are serious about learning to play the endgames right, you should surdenly consider buying good chess software. Personally I like Fritz, which is famous for its strong chess engine and intuitive user interface. Load any endgame position into Fritz, and you will learn not only what pieces to move, but also why they should be moved. It has become modern to use the so-called Endgame tablebases (EGTB). Tablebases, which are basically pre-calculated best-moves, can always tell us the perfect move from a given position with a maximum of 6 pieces ("men") - not couting the kings. The problem with table bases for learning is, that they may tell us how to make the optimal moves, but they do not explain why. To work up a routine for your endgames, you may want to supplement with a bunch of puzzles. You can find books that are packed with endgame puzzles. Interactive online puzzles also may be a great alternative to books. Check out my website for example, where you can practice 1000s of endgames puzzles of different difficulties. It's free to play, and it only takes seconds to get started. I wish you the best of luck on your way to become a better endgame player, and hope you find a learning method that works for you. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});