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Don't hide the king away

The Danish grandmaster Bent Larsen said about the endgame that, “in the endgame the power to attack is not as strong as in the midgame – but neither is the defense”. When you arrive in the endgame, you will often depend on your king to carry out an attack and defend your pieces.  Don’t just let it sit passively behind pawns, but let it be part of your plans to win the endgame. For example, let it follow and guard your pawns on their way to promote, while you get the advantage of having your king move up the board, where the action takes place. This example does not apply to all endgame positions of course, but it should always be part of your endgame repertoire to consider how the king is best used. You can learn and improve your endgame tactics with the interactive Endgame Tactics Trainer. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});