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Rook endings in the World Chess Championship 2013

Game number 5 and 6 in the FIDE WCC 2013 have been amazing games. Both of these games transformed into rook endings, which reminds me, that actually up to 50% of endgames are rook endings. Thus you should try to build up some knowledge in this area. There are many good books and articles on this subject, and even some interactive online resources as well. When it comes to rook endings you can be down with a pawn, or sometimes even two pawns and still go for a draw. Game 5 and 6 in the WCC are good examples of that. A good advice is to keep the rook as far from the opponent king to keep giving checks. This time I'll leave you with the game 6 (played November 16, 2013), in which Anand made a blunder in the endgame, and eventually lost. CarlsenAnand 0-1 Play interactive Chess Endgames on (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});