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The match of the century

With more than 200 million people worldwide watching the games between Carlsen and Anand, this has got to be the match of the century. In today's game, which is game number 7 out 12, the two players repeated the Spanish opening. Both of them moved really fast, and after approximately two hours they had reached the endgame. This time there were no rooks in the endgame. The game ended all to soon with a draw because of repeated moves. With Magnus leading against Anand with 4,5 to 2,5, this is a comfortable way to end game number 7, I suppose. Interesting thing about Magnus Carlsen is, that he doesn't mind playing for 5-6 hours straight, and he really enjoys the endgames. I really believe Susan Polgar is great as a live commentary for WCC. She is fantastic at analyzing and discussing the games as they are played out. Here is a wise quote from Susan, which I was lucky to pick up while watching today's game: "In the midgame you want your king to be hidden for checks. In the endgame, it is opposite, because your king needs to be active to support the pawns." Here is today's endgame. Carlsen played black.  Magnus CarlsenAnand Viswanathan ½-½ Play interactive Chess Endgames on (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});