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How to get endgame routine

With chess easily available on the internet any time of the day, I often find myself playing 5 minutes blitz chess whenever I get the chance. One of the challenges of blitz chess is of course that there is not much time to think about each move. Thus, if one's endgame skills are not fully up to spee... [More]

Learn to spot that mate in 2

So you just played a good game of chess…and lost. That can happen to the best of us of course. But what about when your opponent tells you, that you just missed a checkmate in two moves. You sink back in the chair and blame yourself, that you did not see that mate pattern youself! So how to a... [More]

Don't hide the king away

The Danish grandmaster Bent Larsen said about the endgame that, “in the endgame the power to attack is not as strong as in the midgame – but neither is the defense”. When you arrive in the endgame, you will often depend on your king to carry out an attack and defend your pieces. &n... [More]

Sometimes you should look for a draw

Most books on chess endgames only talk about the winning the endgame. It is of course important to win, but it’s just as important to know how to get a draw out of a complicated and otherwise lost endgame. If you have insufficient material, look at how you may be able to exchange pieces to ge... [More]

A few tips on rook endings

Rook endings are a very common phenomenon in chess tournaments, since the rooks often are the last among the minor and major pieces left on the board, as the other pieces have already been exchanged. This is why it is important to know the principles of this kind of endgame. One of these being, that... [More]

Say hello to the new Chess World Champion

The national hero of India, Viswanathan Anand, lost the title as chess world champion. After game 9 the score stood 6½ - 3½ in favour of Magnus Carlsen, leaving no chance for Anand to catch up. Things have been looking good for Anand on the board in some of the games though, especially... [More]

The match of the century

With more than 200 million people worldwide watching the games between Carlsen and Anand, this has got to be the match of the century. In today's game, which is game number 7 out 12, the two players repeated the Spanish opening. Both of them moved really fast, and after approximately two hours they ... [More]

Rook endings in the World Chess Championship 2013

Game number 5 and 6 in the FIDE WCC 2013 have been amazing games. Both of these games transformed into rook endings, which reminds me, that actually up to 50% of endgames are rook endings. Thus you should try to build up some knowledge in this area. There are many good books and articles on this sub... [More]

The championshionship takes off

The first two rounds have already been played between Carlsen and Anand in the World Chess Championship 2013 - both leading to draws. I suppose none of the two gentlemen want to take too big chances in the start, and prefer to play it safe. I hope they show a little more teeth next week though. Afte... [More]

Only one week from now...

Carlsen playing Anand The Chess World Championship 2013 will be a match between Magnus Carlsen and World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand held from 9 to 28 November 2013 in India. Anand, Tiger of Madras, has won the World Championship 5 times already, and is known for his superb tactical play, and ... [More]